Telling the Story

We have no set format for posts. They may be short, but sweet - only 100 words in total size. Or, they can be long and detailed, reaching 1000s of words or more. There is no maximum or minimum word count, besides the technical limitations of the website. You can write in past-tense, present-tense, first-person, third-person - anything goes. All that said, we do not allow 'chat' style roleplaying - everything needs to be in prose. Feel free to make your posts look pretty with the stylistic options this board has available. Just know you are expected not to use excessive colours. What looks good in light mode might not look good in the dark theme, and vice versa. Please don't destroy our eyes. Using colour for dialogue is fine if you wish, just do so sparingly, and ensure the relevant punctuation is also included.

There are many different roleplaying styles used by our members. Some choose to only write what their character would do and say in response to something, while others choose to write a full-out story segment. The former is useful for when you don't know much about the character's you're writing with, or when you're in a situation revolving around important choices that should be left to the other player to decide. Meanwhile, for the latter option, they'd be taking it into their hands to write all the character's present. Essentially like co-writing a story. You don't need permission to write another character taking minor actions, especially those that were implied, but you do need it for anything bigger. Note that if you're writing someone else's character, you should ideally be asking them relevant questions and staying in communication with them. As this community can be very close-knit, this style can be fairly common.

Everything that is written should have some effects. Be it on the character's development, or on the world as a whole. Nothing should be happening off in its own corner with no influence over anything.

Beginning a Story

Often, members use the [Open] tag to let people know anyone can join. But, if you're not sure it's still open, go ahead and ask. Or, maybe you want to write your own story. If that's your choice, you have a few options.

Create a Story

Make your own new story topic. If you leave it open and make a post at Roleplay Discussion, you're sure to be able to find someone to join you. Writing solo or with a closed group is also valid, of course. You're free to do whatever you wish, within reason. There are no rules, but you should get permission for large or world-breaking events. You can even use special rules in your own stories, such as utilising dice rolls or any other made up mechanic. So long as you follow the other lore and rules of our roleplay, anything goes. If you feel your topic should influence the world, notify a moderator and we'll give it a read if we haven't already. Maybe we'll even add something to the official lore pages and topics because of it.

Request a Story

Maybe you're not great at kicking things off, or you prefer to have a storyline "Dungeon Mastered" for you. If that's the case, you can post a topic at Roleplay Discussion stating your ideas and the kind of things you want, and either a normal member or a staffer will offer to do it for you. Even if you have no ideas, they might be able to offer some inspiration for you.

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