Writing NPCs

Every game has non-player characters, and just like dungeons and dragons where there are other characters the players can interact with, Eterna is no exception. However, unlike most games, the roleplayers themselves have a good degree of control over NPCs. This is primarily to enhance the story. For example, if your character enters a town or city, you may want to write about some of the residents. This page goes over the three types of NPCs, and the rules for making, using, and writing them.

Minor NPCs

Minor NPCs are, essentially, throwaway characters. They typically exist to appear in once or two scenes, and afterwards, are never seen again. An example of a minor NPC might be a pirate you fight or a barkeeper in the city. Minor NPCs need no approval, and you can just write them. They can be introduced into your story whenever and wherever you please, as long as it's reasonable. You may use minor NPCs to teach you skills and the like, or craft your gear, but you still need to pay for it as usual (see Progression). Furthermore, on the request of another roleplayer, your can write minor NPCs in their roleplays to enhance their story and essentially 'dungeon master' for them. Player-written minor NPCs will always lose non-fatal fights unless both writers agree otherwise, and provide no bonus in combat where it comes to the scoring system. They may also not initiate fights without permission from the other writer.

Major NPCs

Major NPCs, unlike minor ones, do require approval. To have an NPC approved, make a normal character application for them but instead post it in The Help Desk. Once approved, repost them in the NPC Character Sheets forum. Furthermore, NPCs have access to your total Spirit earned, so you may get new abilities and equipment for them at will. To do this, just get your idea approved (if it needs approval), then add it to their character sheet with the appropriate approval link (if required). Providing the total purchased stuff for your NPC doesn't go over your total Spirit earned, then you're good. Like minor NPCs, major NPCs automatically lose non-fatal fights unless agreed otherwise by both writers. They may also not initiate fights without permission from the other writer. They exist to help you tell stories, only. Each roleplayer account only has two Major NPC slots. Admins may allow you to have extra if you've proven that you will write them.

Public NPCs

Public NPCs have character sheets just like Major NPCs, but they are controlled by the moderators and admins. To write them, you need to request approval at The Help Desk. Public NPCs are often integral to the story or have allies, so if you plan to kill one, we suggest you have a good plan. Some public NPCs include local lords, mages, influential bandit captains, or renowned knights.

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