Mission Statement

Eterna, or The Eternity RPG, is a low-fantasy roleplay set about a sprawling continent upon the planet Eterna. While self-proclaimed lords might band together, fight, or squabble for land, most civilised territories are mostly unruled with no core kingdoms holding prominence. And, beyond the inhabited territories, the wild monsters are fierce and the land is dead... it's not uncommon for travellers who stray too close to the edge to go missing.

While the world is home to a great many people, from less-than honourable knights to the poor, you're someone different. Your character is special, a cut above the rest. In short, something has happened, and your story has begun. Be it the Gods themselves seeming to take an interest, you choosing to make something greater of your life, or maybe you just woke up one day and had your "inciting incident" - whatever the cause, a great tale begins.

...and how will it continue? How will it end? What events will shape your growth? What will ultimately drive you? Power, gold, wanderlust, friendships, or perhaps just a battle of good versus evil.

Know that much is possible within the scope of the world. With time and effort, even the most elusive of magicks or greatest of tasks can be completed. Writing in Eterna is freeform, and your character can be anyone you believe fits into our setting. Humans might be the dominant species, and the arcane might be rare and mysterious, but player characters are often exceptions to the norm. You're allowed to stand out, should you wish.

The world is consistent with its laws, and you may be met with a harsh realism should you rush to make a change or push against a powerful warlord too quickly, especially if they have a conscripted archmage at their side. Magic might be powerful, but it takes time to hone, and often it leads to drawn-out battles of endurance or trials of skill and trickery rather than a swift firefight.

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