Building a Character

Your character can be almost anyone - so long as they're original and fit in a grim low fantasy setting. From an elf druid native to a secluded forest grove to a travelling mercenary looking for coin, or even a warlord with some soldiers at their disposal. They might have Magical or Skill-Based abilities, have various innate traits stemming from their heritage, or have amazing Stats and a selection of Skills. All that matters is their backstory fits the theme of the roleplay and you have fun writing them. Almost anything can be achieved with magic, but note that the arcane should be rare and mysterious rather than completely understood. Magic is a rare gift only available to some - either through practice, forbidden knowledge, or natural heritage. Because of this, any magic your character has should be an integral part of who they are or what they've done. Even being able to produce light sparks or harmless bursts of rose petal confetti is an uncommon talent, so producing actual flames will draw reactions of shock and awe, or perhaps disbelief or fear, from the residents of this world. If you're unsure whether something would be allowed, check the appropriate pages and then ask a mod if you can't find your answer. We have a topic stickied in The Joining Forum specifically for new member questions.

New characters start with 4000 Spirit to spend on assets and whatnot. You can delegate them however you wish. Whether you deck yourself out with fancy equipment, magical knowledge, or masterful sword skills is up to you. We recommend you read through the other rule pages after this one before making your character. We also have a Beginner's Guide that should give you some direction.

The easiest way to make a character once you have an idea in mind is to go through the template step by step. First, on the agenda are the basics:

  • Name (What are they known by?)
  • Age (Could be anything you want! Although, the soft restriction is between 13 and 200 as even the longer-lived rarely remain alive beyond that.)
  • Gender (How do they identify?)
  • Species/Race Name (Human? Elf? Tiefling? Aasimar? Something else? Remember, the less human-like your character is, the rarer their species will be.)

Next, we want their personality. Describe what they're like, how they act, what drives them. We except ideally a few sentences here.

Following that, we need a detailed appearance. Either an image with most of their body and a rough height is required, or a good paragraph description. Things you should consider are as follows:

  • How tall are they? (an estimate is fine)
  • How are they built? (e.g. thin, athletic, stocky, etc.)
  • What's their hair and eye colour?
  • What's their skin colour?
  • Do they have any key identifiable features?
  • Do they have any visual traits that make them unlike humans (if any)? Be it strange pupils, magical tattoos, pointed ears, horns, etc.

Next, it begins to get a bit tricky. What stats do they have? You have 12 stat points to allocate between Might, Edge, Mind, and Lore. See the Stats Page for more info. You may wish to justify them as well and explain why the character needs/has those stats. Despite how many points you have, no stat can be higher than half your total stat points rounded up. So with 12 points, you can't have any stat higher than 6. If you had 13 or 14 stat points, this cap would increase to 7. And so on. Note that '1' is considered to be the average or standard for a stat, so in starting with 12, your character is well above most. You're making a main character in the world, after all.

In addition to your initial stats, all characters start with one Legacy Perk. Legacy Perks are powerful boons benefits that impact some of the roleplay's core mechanics. In some cases, this involves increasing or removing certain boundaries and limitations, and in others, the perk simply reduces the amount of Spirit you need to spend to obtain different subsets of skills and abilities.

Next up is the Skills Section. Skills are needed for all types of things, be it fighting with weapons or learning different schools of magic. Each skill costs Spirit, which is where you'll spend most of your 4000 starting Spirit.

Now, we need special abilities/spells (if any). Build some abilities using the help from the Abilities page. If something you want doesn't seem to be possible with the skills we have listed, make a note of it anyway and we'll try to help you out. Some things, such as mind control and rewinding time, are sadly not possible as we feel they'd either be too complicated or simply not fun for everyone to write - this is a story before it's a game.

Last comes their backstory. This is the most important part of your character sheet. It should explain what their life was like, where they're from, and, if your race is non-human, you should elaborate on the culture and the like. All characters must be from Eterna, and there are no real civilisations in The Badlands, so any communities there would be close to the borders of civilisation. As long as you don't contradict any core established lore or themes, you have a lot of freedom, and we might even add information to our pages in light of what you write about your background. Alternatively, once you've been approved, there's nothing stopping you from submitting something for us to add to our documents. "Learn in roleplay" and "unknown" are not acceptable responses for this part of the character sheet.

A blank version of the template can be found below. You may add additional relevant fields if you wish (like sexuality, faith, birthday, place of birth, etc.), but make sure all the core information remains. Once you've finished your character sheet, make an account with the name of your character if you haven't already, then post a topic in the Joining Forum with your app.

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